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Textile "Silver Ten" near the end of the market, poor textile companies, suspend raw materials ordering

2018/10/31 08:40
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Last week (October 22-26), the textile “Silver Ten” came to an end, the business master list did not improve
Last week (October 22-26), the textile “Silver Ten” came to an end, the business master list did not improve, the production and production enterprises stopped increasing, the market pessimism shrouded, and most textile enterprises suspended the procurement of raw materials. The main situation is as follows:
First, the raw materials
Cotton futures plummeted. As of last Friday (October 26), Zheng cotton's main CF1901 contract closed at 15060 yuan / ton, compared with last Friday (22) closing price of 15315 yuan / ton fell 255 yuan / ton, nearly two weeks Zheng cotton main contract CF1901 fell by 640 yuan / ton. The pessimism in the market has intensified and the trading volume has been reduced.
The decline in cotton prices in Xinjiang is reduced. As of October 25, the mainstream price of machine cotton was 5.6-5.8 yuan / kg (40% clothing, moisture regain 10%), down 0.2 yuan / kg from the previous week, seed cotton shipped to southern Xinjiang. In the week, the mainstream price of picking cotton in Aksu and Kashgar in southern Xinjiang was 6.9-7.0 yuan/kg (40% for clothing and 12% for regain), down 0.1 yuan/kg from the previous week. According to the enterprises in Xinjiang, the volume of endothelium cotton is relatively small, among which the “double 28” hand picking cotton wool is raised at a price of 15900-16000 yuan/ton, and the “double 29” hand picking cotton wool is raised at a price of 16100-16200 yuan/ton. The previous week fell 100 yuan / ton.
The ginning factory in the Mainland has increased its delisting. As the seed cotton is difficult to collect, the company loses money and the number of delisting enterprises increases. At present, the price of the seed cotton in the Mainland is 3.2-3.4 yuan / kg, down 0.1 yuan / kg from the previous week. Because the lint is difficult to sell, the ginning factory has more to withdraw from the market, and the purchase and sale of seed cotton is extremely slow.
Long-staple cotton was robbed and the price was high. In the week, the price of long-staple cotton in Awati County is 9.2-9.4 yuan/kg (31-32% for clothing and 12% for moisture regain), and the conversion cost is 26200-26600 yuan/ton.
Polyester staple fiber fell sharply. As of the 25th, the transaction price of 1.4D*38mm straight-spun polyester staple fiber in Lulu area was 10,400-10,550 yuan/ton, which was 200-300 yuan/ton lower than the previous week. The transaction volume was not large. As of the 25th, the price of viscose staple fiber 1.5D*38mm in Lulu area was 15,500 yuan/ton, and the price of 1.2D*38mm viscose staple fiber was 15,500 yuan/ton. The price was temporarily stable, and the actual transaction price was negotiable.
Second, the yarn
“Silver Ten” will pass, and corporate orders will not improve. According to the feedback from the yarn factories in Lulu, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, most of them maintain orders from old customers, and the loss of order from individual manufacturers is serious. The pessimistic mood in the yarn market is relatively strong. According to market analysis, due to the lack of demand for terminals and the large inventory of raw materials for manufacturers, most of them indicated that they will suspend large-scale procurement of raw materials such as cotton.
The price of pure cotton yarn has steadily declined. As of the 25th, the mainstream price of carded yarn 21S, 32S, 40S was 22,900 yuan / ton, 24,000 yuan / ton, 25,100 yuan / ton, the quotation changed little compared with the previous week, the real single trading company will expand the profit space to 200 yuan / Ton.
The polyester yarn market fell slightly from the previous week. As of the 25th, Shengze market pure polyester yarn 32S offer 14900 yuan / ton, 45S offer 16000 yuan / ton, compared with the previous week, the price fell 100 yuan / ton, the pure polyester yarn price trend adjustment.
The price of cotton yarn is temporarily stable. As of the 25th, the price of 30S cotton yarn of a factory in Weifang, Shandong Province was 21,500 yuan/ton (including tax ex-factory). Compared with the previous week, the price did not change much, and the volume was slightly favorable.
Third, the imported yarn
According to the feedback from traders, the price of outer yarn continued to fall, stimulating the import yarn to fall. Data show that in the past seven days, the price of CNS for 32S cotton yarn exported by India to China has dropped by 4 cents to 2.75 US dollars / kg, and has fallen by 14 cents in the past four weeks. Imported yarn continued to fall and sales improved slightly. At present, the inventory of imported yarn at the port is 75,000 tons, which is not much changed from the previous week.
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