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How to crack the bottleneck of "three more, three lowers and two less" in the province of textile and clothing

2018/10/31 08:41
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Fashion show, results exhibition, contract cooperation...
Fashion show, results exhibition, contract cooperation... On October 25th, the three-day Hebei Province Fashion Design Competition showcased and promoted a series of activities at the Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Hundreds of fashion designers and experts from inside and outside the province Scholars gathered here, dozens of well-known domestic and foreign brands of clothing equipment, surface accessories, digital printing production enterprises concentrated display. Hao Zhushan, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, said that the transformation of the garment industry in our province has achieved a new start and has entered a new stage of continuous deepening.
"The purpose of holding a series of propaganda and docking activities is to help our province's garment enterprises to upgrade their design level, promote industrial cooperation, promote clothing brands, and lay the foundation and create conditions for the transformation and development of advantageous brand enterprises." Hao Zhushan said.
According to reports, our province is an important textile and garment industry base in the country, with a complete range of products, but compared with the developed regions, there are industrial characteristics of “three more, three lowers and two lesss”, namely: more manufacturers, more processed parts, employees More; low technical content, low design capability, low enterprise efficiency; few leading enterprises, few famous brands. To solve these outstanding problems, we must accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and take the road of “design, brand, manufacturing” and trinity transformation.
The provincial party committee and the provincial government attach great importance to the transformation and upgrading of the garment industry. In April this year, the province introduced the “Action Plan for the Transformation and Upgrading of the Clothing Industry in Hebei Province”, and clearly proposed to accelerate the transformation of the garment industry into the “design, brand and manufacturing” trinity.
In order to enhance the image of our province's clothing brand and build famous brands at home and abroad, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology commissioned the Provincial Textile and Apparel Industry Association to organize the Hebei Fashion Design Competition, and selected “Top Ten Clothing Brands in Hebei Province” and “Top Ten Clothing in Hebei Province”. Designer", and released at the Shenzhen Fashion Expo in July this year. The 105 “Fashion Hebei” pavilion, which is composed of 105 clothing and apparel companies, also made its debut at this international clothing event, achieving the goal of “eye-catching”, “eye-catching” and “transaction”.
Xiong'an New District, Xinji, Suning, Daying, Qinghe, Baigou, Yangyuan and other clothing and apparel industry clusters have invested a large amount of financial and material resources to hold professional trade fairs, which not only enhance the popularity of regional clothing brands, but also create for enterprises. Market platform at the doorstep. In accordance with the scientific planning and careful preparation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Langfang Yongqing Yunshang Town successfully won the title of “Pilot and Demonstration Park (Platform)” for the Textile and Apparel Creative Design of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
Hao Zhushan believes that accelerating the transformation of the garment industry into the "design, brand, manufacturing" trinity requires government departments, industry associations and enterprises to participate in, coordinate and promote, and jointly promote, and propose four measures -
Implement integrated innovation and collaborative development strategies. Grasping the historic opportunity of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the construction of Xiong'an New District, we will actively implement a new round of technological transformation and jointly promote the construction of seven characteristic industrial clusters and five characteristic creative parks. Support the construction of smart factories and green factories. Carry out the pilot program of personalized clothing customization, and strive to realize the transformation from large-scale standardized production to personalized large-scale customization, from a traditional product-centric manufacturing model to a consumer-centric service-oriented manufacturing model.
Highlight creative design leadership. Further promote the docking, exchange and cooperation between textile and garment industry between Hebei and Beijing and Tianjin, Hebei and Shenzhen, support garment enterprises to carry out design cooperation with developed countries, advanced regions and well-known design institutions at home and abroad, purchase design services; play Hebei Province The demonstrations of the top ten fashion designers are used to carry out design training, introduce design talents, and cultivate and build their own clothing design teams. Support enterprises to strengthen creative design around product form, product function, production process and consumer experience, develop personalized, functional, green and intelligent fashion; aim at the international frontier trend of fiber, fabric, clothing and accessories to develop original design New products.
Cultivate the dominant clothing brand. Organizing the advantages of enterprises to the well-known clothing brands at home and abroad to learn the advanced experience of brand creation and quality improvement, encourage the province's demonstration clothing brand enterprises to impart brand creation experience, invite brand consulting management institutions to hold forum lectures, and carry out brand creation training activities. Guide key enterprises to form their own brand echelon, accurately formulate brand strategy implementation plan for different market positioning, and form a brand innovation system with obvious characteristics, accurate positioning and strong competitiveness.
Create a distinctive regional brand. Encourage and support the cities and counties where the characteristic garment industry clusters are located to build a unified clothing and apparel brand display window and a special clothing and clothing culture museum, publish public service advertisements that integrate local clothing and apparel features, carry out clothing and apparel industry tourism, organize enterprises to hold fashion concentrated exhibitions and new products. The event will be launched to create a distinctive fashion and fashion circle (block), and participate in famous fashion shows at home and abroad to create regional business cards.
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